Things to do while you are stuck in quarantine

青鹏棋牌Things to do while you are stuck in quarantine

How to keep busy and overcome boredom during the coronavirus quarantine in Italy

Italy is in lockdown–schools, universities, bars, restaurants and shops are closed and we are urged to stay at 青鹏棋牌 as much as possible. While giving up our daily routines and spending these days at 青鹏棋牌 hasn’t been easy, the reality is we have to. So why not make the most of this time? We’re always in such a hurry, it’s like we forgot how to stop and catch our breath for a second. But now it’s the only option. Here’s our guide on the best things to do while you are stuck in quarantine for Covid-19, overcome boredom and make the most of this situation.


1. Go on a virtual tour of the museums you love

青鹏棋牌Things to do while you are stuck in quarantine

Art lovers, rejoice! Many museums have decided to deal with the coronavirus emergency by offering visitors the possibility of going on virtual tours of their museums. Not so bad, huh?

Check out virtual tours

2. Watch tv series and movies you love

青鹏棋牌Things to do while you are stuck in quarantine

From Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Sky and , we’re filled with incredible platforms that allow us to watch amazing TV series and films! You were probably too busy to watch the latest season of your favorite TV series lately, or better yet, start a new one. And what about those movies you’ve always  wanted to watch but never had the time to? Now is the time! If you’ve never seen La Casa de Papel, you better get yourself up to speed–the fourth season will be aired on April 3rd on Netflix. If you’re into thrillers and haven’t seen it yet, You is definitely one to start (or finish) watching. Peaky Blinders is another to put on your list if you’re into crime tv series. While if you’re fascinated by the United Kingdom and the royal family, you cannot miss the three seasons of The Crown. Ever wondered what would’ve happened in the world if Germany and Japan would’ve won the Second World War? It’s your chance to find out with the series The Man in the High Castle! For something light and funny, Sex Education is a great one, and let’s not forget our old time favorites: Friends, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men! If you’re more into films, boy oh boy there’s a vast selection: The Report, The Internship, The Intern, The Lord of the Rings saga, The Great Gatsby, Forrest Gump and The King’s Speech for a start!

3. Take an online course for free (or at a bargain)!

青鹏棋牌Coronavirus: the online courses you can now take for free

Use this time stuck in quarantine to brush up on your skills, learn something new, and navigate the web, work and study. Many e-learning platforms are now offering their online courses for free (or at a bargain)!

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4. Join a fundraising campaign

青鹏棋牌Things to do while you are stuck in quarantine

The coronavirus has had a very negative impact on our healthcare system. It’s a time to come together and help each other out, and monetary contributions help in purchasing new machinery, paying personnel and buying beds for intensive care units. Give your contribution, too!

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