Practical Information

Practical information for visiting Rome

青鹏棋牌how to buy a bus ticket in Rome

How to buy bus tickets in Rome


Unlike other European countries, you cannot buy your bus ticket directly on the bus (except for some bus lines). So where do you purchase bus tickets in Rome?

青鹏棋牌Rome in one day

Rome in one day


Visiting Rome in one day might sound like a race against the clock but if you follow our instructions, you’ll have nothing to fear, nor sights to lose.

青鹏棋牌Rome in two days: how to spend 48 hours in Rome

Rome in Two Days


So you only have two days to visit Rome, but you really don’t want to miss anything? Fear not! Follow our instructions on how to spend 48 hours in Rome.

青鹏棋牌Luggage deposit and Baggage 青鹏棋牌 in Rome

LuggageHero. Luggage Storage


LuggageHero is a leading luggage-storage network offering affordable, convenient, safe and insured storage in more than 50 sites throughout Rome, with locations close to transportation hubs and major attractions.